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Whether a seasoned surfer or someone just starting, Ron Jon Surf Shop has created the knowledge center as a tool to help our guests get the most from their chosen sport.

Surfing A-Z
Features a glossary of general surf terms to help those who are just beginning to learn the sport of surfing. Choose a word from our list to learn the definition of the word. Hey, you may pick up a word or two!

Surfboard Design
If you are thinking about buying a surfboard then this is the place for you. We have tools to help you select the correct board type for your purpose and skill level as well as help to get you the right accessories. Know what a rocker is? If not, learn it here.

Learn To Surf
Welcome to our "How to Surf Video Tutorials". Join Ron Jon Team Rider Lauren McLean as she shows you the basics of surfing.

Wetsuit Basics
Here we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Find out the benefits of a wetsuit, how it works, how it should fit, and what types of wetsuits are available.

Skimboard Basics
Tips for selecting the perfect skimboard for your lifestyle.